The City of Thousand Spires...

Prague is one of the most magical places in Europe, famed for the plurality of old architecture styles, cobblestone lanes and abundant towers. It has been a political, cultural and economic centre of Europe, and Central Europe in particular, for over 1100 years. During the Gothic and Renaissance eras, Prague was the permanent seat of two Holy Roman Emperors as well as the capital of the Holy Roman Empire. The extensive historic centre of Prague is included in the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites, establishing the city as one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe.


What is Prague Photo Walking Tour about?

It is simply the easiest way to enjoy city’s highlights and bring home amazing pictures of Prague without spending hours of your precious time on planning or missing opportunities getting lost and visiting poor viewpoints. Leave all your worries to us.

Tour begins with meeting our guide on negotiated starting point (or he will pick you up at the place you are staying). Afterwards he walks with you to the best spots and viewpoints in Prague, revealing city landmarks in most fascinating way and with possibility to capture wonderful photographs. Tours length is usually about 5 hours while the pace will be adjusted to you. Guide will make sure you are everywhere in time when the light is most favourable. You can choose from various tours held within different time of the day according to your interests and needs.

Don’t waste energy on preparations, rather save all of it for activity you love.

Want great pictures but afraid you are missing the skill?

Don’t worry, our guides are experienced photographers who are capable to aid you with configuring technical parameters. Every tour is designed for photographers at all levels: beginner, intermediate, and professional. Your guide will reveal the best vantage points on your chosen route and point out exposition and composition details.

Moreover, each tour is devised for limited amount of people so you can expect highly individual approach. Our guide is there for you and will see to your wishes and needs. Feel free to turn to him anytime.

Get the best pictures of Prague now!

  • Choose one or more of our photo tours
  • Pick a date and pricing
  • Meet our guide at the meeting point
  • Enjoy a trip around most exciting photo spots

Be in the right place at the right time, to catch the perfect light.

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- 50% for 2nd person in the order (choose pricing per pair)
- 20% cashback is provided, if you bring your Prague Card to the tour
If you do not find any suitable date, please do not hesitate to ask us for individual plan.

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As light changes, so does town´s atmosphere. Spend magical evening in mysterious medieval Prague, be charmed by spectacular colors of sunrise or experience beauty of morning daylight. See czech capital city from a different prespective from what you would find in regular guidebooks. Take most stunning pictures of Prague in the perfect light conditions or hire a photographer who will make sure to create memories you will cherish for the rest of your life.

CZK 3993 / 5 hours / per group

Prague Dawn Photo Walking Tour
It allows a person to visit a specific part of the city during the most favorable conditions for exposure. The light changes during that time – night to sunrise to daylight – the times a day where light is ideal, streets are deserted and a person can capture the true mood of this beautiful city. Most of that tour is very peaceful, undisturbed.

CZK 1936 / 4 hours / per person

Prague Sunrise Photo Walking Tour
Visit famous places as well as extraordinary vantage points that are not listed in guide books and that are hard to find. You will get recommendations of composition, exposure time, shutter and other settings. Also you will be in the right place at the right time, to catch the perfect light when the sun rises.

CZK 2541 / 4 hours / per 2 persons

Prague Sunset Photo Walking Tour
It allows you to visit extraordinary vantage points that are not listed in guide books and that are hard to find. You will get recommendations of composition, exposure time, shutter and other settings. Also you will be in the right place at the right time, to catch the perfect light during the gold hour, sunset and blue hour in the evening.

CZK 1694 / 4 hours / per person

Prague Night Photo Walking Tour
Embark on a half-day guided photography tour, and get tips on camera settings from a professional photographer and guide. Take photos from various vantage points of medieval Prague, including the historical area New World, night streets, and surrounding of the castle complex. Revel in the beauty of the city and capture it through photography.

CZK 2210 / 4 hours / per person

Prague Cubism Photo Walking Tour
A Professional photographer and architecture enthusiast will take you to 6-15 CZ Cubist Architecture Sites. Some will be famous locations and many will be ones that are off the beaten path that most people don’t visit. I’m a photographer so I know the best viewing angles.

CZK 1331 / 3 hours / per person

Prague Doors Photo Walking Tour
The tour of Prague’s doors and windows will give you insight into the culture of the country. The character of several architectonics styles of Prague’s buildings are fascinating, as well as many different patterns and ornaments of the doors. Revel in the beauty of the city and capture it through photography.


Learned a lot, enjoyed myself, took home great pictures In this walk, we began at dawn at the top of the hill and worked our way down by the monastery, palace, touristic district, Charles Bridge, and into the Old City. It took about 4 hours and we covered several miles of hilly terrain on foot. As promised, our guide was an experienced photographer. He was outstanding. Although I had worked through the same area myself the day before, I had missed about 90% of the best photographic opportunities--he really knows the area and its most photogenic spots. As promised in the description, he made suggestions about exposure settings and other technical issues. But in my opinion where he really shone was in his aesthetic advice: he suggested shot compositions and critiqued our shots, giving us plenty to time to redo them and get them right. I saved some of my before and after compositions, and the improvement is so striking that it's almost embarrassing. He was approachable and made sure to spend time with each of us. Between the beautiful city itself, the well chosen itinerary, and an outstanding photographer-guide, you will learn a lot about how to see like a photographer, while also creating images of Prague that you will cherish. This tour was an incredible value.

Jeffrey Bardzell

Indiana University
Simply the best photo tour/walk in Prague (guaranteed!) I joined Radovan for the night/sunrise photo walk (3am-8am yesterday). From the very beginning to the end, Radovan was amazing/inspirational and made the walk so much fun that time just flew by. I've come away with some truly exceptional photographs… some of the best that I have ever taken - all thanks to Radovan. This was my third photo walk in as many days in Prague (with 3 different companies) and by far this was the best. Even in the pouring rain (and wind!) at 3am on Charles Bridge, Radovan made the shoot fun and I have incredible photographs that captured the moment perfectly. He is calm, patient and professional with such attention to detail. So talented and a real pleasure to learn so much from him.

Andrea Wraith

This walking tour takes you to unique vantage points in the early morning and evening to catch the perfect light and the results are outstanding. This city was meant to be photographed and this is the opportunity to get the best views in the best light. Sunrise near the castle and watching the sunset and the evening lights of the Charles Bridge was magical!

Mindy Marks

Chicago, Illinois

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